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Ken Hom: Noodle Road

‘Noodle Road’, the acclaimed KBS documentary series presented by celebrity chef Ken Hom, has just won the prestigious Peabody Award 2010. These annual, international awards for ‘excellence in radio and television broadcasting’ first conceived in 1941, are one of the oldest honours in electronic media.
Watch this clip from the five-hour documentary showing how the noodle, with its 2500 year history, was adopted by both Eastern and Western parts of the world and adapted to suit different diets – noodle in Asia, pasta in Europe. Over the course of two years, it was filmed in eight different countries from the depth of inner China to Butan, Turkey and Italy, with Ken Hom telling about the cultural exchange between East and West through this food and introducing the variety of noodle dishes around the world.
Commenting on the award-winning documentary, Ken Hom said: ‘Noodles are so much part of my own culture. I grew up eating them every day and also cooking them in my uncle’s restaurant, yet I discovered some fascinating facts during the making of this documentary series. This is certainly a new style of documentary as you have never tasted before!
A most notable chef with a captivating television presence, Ken Hom has written 23 books on Asian cookery and was recently awarded an OBE for ‘services to culinary arts’. His name is also firmly associated with the Wok – the curved pan and key utensil for all Chinese cooking.  
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