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British Produced Camel Milk Cheese Debuts at the 2014 Global Cheese Awards

The Global Cheese Awards committee are making the first British produced Camel milk cheese at this year's awards. The awards are joining forces with Dubai based company Camelicious who are supplying the milk.
Cheese with camel milk is more difficult to make than cheese from the milk of other dairy animals. This is why we have assigned a team of cheese and dairy professionals to oversee the project. The cheese will be made at Godminster Dairy in Somerset and will be overseen by Global Cheese Awards Chairman Nigel Pooley and committee members Hector Scott and Jessica Kimber-Holloway of Godminster.
Camel Milk is extremely nutritious. It offers proteins, vitamins and carbohydrates and is low in fat, in fact 50% lower than cow's milk. Camel milk contains unsaturated fatty acids, which are healthy fats with a higher percentage than exists in cow's milk. Those healthy fats help reduce cholesterol. Camel milk is also rich in natural vitamin C. The content of this immune boosting vitamin is three to five times higher than in cow's milk. There are no known allergies to camel milk and current studies even suggest that it has positive effects on patients with Diabetes Type II, Hepititus and autoimmune diseases. The benefits of camel milk are enormous.
Commenting on the project, Global Cheese Awards Chairman Nigel Pooley "Firstly I would like to thank Ashraf and Camelicious for providing the milk for this project. We are very excited to be making the UK's first production of Camel Milk cheese and if things go well – we hope to be able to have the product to taste and buy on show day."
Godminster's General Manager, Jessica is eagerly awaiting the completion of the exciting experiment adding "It might be completely revolting or it could be completely delicious - we just won't know until we try it."
The Global Cheese Awards is the longest running cheese show in Britain and is part of the wider Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show. It is held over 2 days – Friday 12th September (trade only and awards day); Saturday 13th September (open to general public),,
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3 September 2014
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