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Book Review: Chinese Unchopped
It's full steam ahead for Liz o'Keefe as she attempts dumplings from Chinese Unchopped, the new book from London's School of Wok, Jeremy Pang.
Recipes from The Bacon Cookbook by Carol Wilson
Carol Wilson's Bacon Cookbook challenges readers to resist the allure of bacon.
Recipes from The Great British Pepper Cookbook by Liz O'Keefe
The Great British Pepper Cookbook is horticultural journalist Liz O'Keefe's first book. Here she shares a sneak preview of three glorious pepper recipes.
Book Review: Noodle! 100 Amazing Authentic Recipes
Helen Hokin: Noodle! has more recipes than you can shake a chopstick at. It might just get me out of my ramen rut.
Ex-Genesis Drummer Chris Stewart Creates Spanish Flavours from Brit Ingredients
Ex-Genesis drummer Chris Stewart lives on a sheep farm in the Andalusian Mountains. Here he shares three Spanish recipes from his forthcoming book, “Last Days of the Bus Club”.
Book Review: Brazilian Food
Helen Hokin: Brazil is a vast country with a cornucopia of fabulous ingredients and a wealth of ethnic culinary influences
Book Review: The Taste of America
All the time we’ve been borrowing from American food culture we’ve missed out on delights such as these.  Helen Hokin reviews The Taste of America by Coleman Andrews.
Book Review: D.O.M: Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients
World-renowned chef Alex Atala is on a mission to introduce the world to the strange ingredients of his homeland, with a little help from his new book. Chris Anderson meets the boy from Brazil.
Book review: On the Menu by James Mackenzie
Mackenzie’s is a story of sheer endeavour  since he opened the doors of the Pipe and Glass in 2006.
Book review: A Month in Marrakech by Andy Harris
Like a trip to the souk, this is a real pick-and-mix with plenty of gems to be sought out within its pages.
Book review: Slippery Tipples by Joseph Piercy
It's unlikely even the most learned, well-travelled connoisseur will have encountered all the drinks detailed here, each with relevant history, flavour notes, recipes and offbeat trivia.
Book review: Saraban by Greg & Lucy Malouf
The Maloufs weave the tale of a relatively unknown cuisine through the country's complex history.
Book review: French Country Cooking
With their latest project, the Roux brothers have successfully demonstrated both their warmth and sense of bon viveur.
Book review: The History of Christmas Food and Feast
A real treat to savour curled up beside a roaring hearth as the festivities take hold.
Book review: stewed by Alan Rosenthal
Rosenthal encompasses dishes which challenge the notion of stews as hearty, long-cooked stodge. Vegetarians are treated to fresh, healthy fare like Puy lentil, bettroot, pecan and goats’ cheese stew, whilst committed carnivores will drool over the sticky spare ribs.
Book review: Thai Street Food by David Thompson
Thai Street Food' provides an ideal introduction to a world of exotic flavour, colour and texture- indeed, a baptism of fire.
Book review: Flavour Thesaurus by Niki Segnit
In today's vastly over-saturated cookbook market, it's all too easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of 'how-to' manuals and simply decide 'not to' at all. 'The Flavour Thesaurus' fills a very wide gap in the market- a book for those who not only love to eat, but, perhaps more importantly, to think.
Book review: Leon Naturally Fast Food Book 2
Naturally Fast Food is a book borne of a love of food which does both the consumer and the wider world a little good.
Book review: Pasta by Theo Randall
Theo Randall renders 'Pasta' perfect for novices as well as more experienced cooks looking to hone their skills.
Book review: Hix Oyster & Chop House
Mark Hix makes man food. And, as a woman, I absolutely love it. Big flavours, seasonal ingredients, old fashioned ingredients.
Book review: Lola's Ice Creams & Sundaes
Morfudd Richards whizzes across the country- her ice cream van full of frozen delights in proper grown-up flavours. Regular customers will be no stranger to the concept of Lemon Verbena and Nettle as an ice, perhaps, or even Sweet Miso. Those recipes are here, along with over 100 more.
Book review: How The British Fell in Love With Food: 25 years of food writing
Spanning 25 years of food writing from members of the highly-esteemed Guild of Food Writers, 'How The British Fell In Love With Food' paints a fascinating portrait of British food culture over the past quarter-century.
Book review: A Taste of Heaven - A guide to food & drink made by monks & nuns
Charting little known waters with her subject matter, Scherb immerses us from the outset in the mysterious culinary rituals and ways of life of convents, monasteries and their inhabitants.
Book review: The Nordic Diet
A real fundamental in 'The Nordic Diet' is the emphasis on interaction with those close to us for wellbeing- a lovely sentiment often neglected by traditional 'diet books'.
Book review: Coriander by Pinki Lilani
Pinky Lilani is a fascinating character and, fittingly, this is a fascinating book.
Book review: Cuisinier Gascon
Cuisinier Gascon is a thorough and fitting celebration of the native area of its author, and of his enduring passion for his region.
Book review: Risotto With Nettles
The complex politics of the era make Del Conte's memoirs a fascinating read- the title itself is from a bittersweet childhood wartime memory, writes Zoe Perrett
Book review: Food for Thought
Food For Thought is a real 'concept' book- ideal for people a little jaded with the recent raft of somewhat vacuous food- and cook-books, writes Zoe Perrett.
Book review: Vefa's Kitchen
'Vefa's Kitchen' is a solid purchase- my money's on it remaining in the kitchen for years, well-thumbed and lovingly splattered.
Book review: Sushi and Beyond by Michael Booth
Booth captures the essence of Japanese culture - from cooking methods to etiquette faux pas- often impenetrable to Westerners and violated by Booth on myriad occasions. A rollicking read.
Book review: Saha by Greg and Lucy Malouf
Not cooking from this book would be a crime - or at least a crying shame.
Book review: Everything but the Squeal by John Barlow
This is as much a book about eating pork parts, as a homage to Galicia, Mr Barlow’s adopted home of nearly 20 years.
Book review: Japanese Kitchen Knives by Hiromitsu Nozaki
Japanese Kitchen Knives will set you up to make some of the most stunning food your friends have ever seen .
Book review: The Fruit Hunters by Adam Leith Gollner
Jack fruits, ice cream beans, mangosteens, egg fruits, rambutans. Leith Gollner is a guy with a bee in his bonnet - or, perhaps more accurately, a kumquat. Follow his global quest to discover a whole new world of fruit.
Book review: Fresh From The Sea by Clodagh Mckenna
Salty tales from Clodagh's new book, Fresh From The Sea
Book review: Food in England by Dorothy Hartley
Dorothy Hartley was first published in 1954. She remains eminently readable today.
Book review: The Real Flavour of Tuscany

Delving into the pages of this Tuscan food bible, Zoe Perrett finds a connection to the food via the people and producers featured inside

Book review: The Hungry Cyclist by Tom Kevill Davies
With nothing but an enormous appetite to fuel the way, Tom Kevill-Davies cycled from New York to Rio - for the love of food. Read an extract from his engaging and amusing book, The Hungry Cyclist.
Book review: The Spaghetti Tree by Alasdair Scott Sutherland
Alastair Scott Sutherland documents the fascinating social history surrounding the trattoria movement.


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