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Lucy Corne
Lucy Corne is a travel writer whose love for food, wine and beer generally dictates the next stop on her itinerary. Lucy has joined cooking courses in northern India, Thailand’s islands, Seoul, South Africa and her native England, but her ability to mistake teaspoons for tablespoons and confuse Celsius and Fahrenheit means she’s more competent at tasting than preparing.
She has visited vineyards in spots as random as China, England and Thailand, as well as some more expected locations like Spain, South Africa and Canada, while her love for craft beer has led her way off the beaten track in Beijing, Addis Ababa, Cape Town and even Pyeongyang.
Lucy has written for publications around the world including Reader’s Digest, Wanderlust, The Guardian, The Independent, The Australian and Travel Africa. She currently lives just outside Cape Town, where she hopes to gradually cross each of the Western Cape’s 200 wineries off her list of things to do.

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