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Book review: The Nordic Diet

Book review: The Nordic Diet
The Nordic Diet
by Trina Hahnemann
published by Quadrille
RRP £12.99
In winter, we Brits tend towards the 'load up on carbs and snuggle on the sofa' plan of action. Yet simultaneously, people in Nordic countries - where the climate in undeniably less hospitable than our own- are enjoying far healthier lifestyles, indulging in plenty of exercise, fresh air and amazing food.
Indeed, the Scandinavian way of life is increasingly being branded 'the new Mediterranean diet'.
With 'The Nordic Diet', Danish doyenne Trina Hahnemann aims to spread the word on the traditional diet of our northern European neighbours.
'Seasonal' and 'local' are core values, whilst the great outdoors is the Scandinavian's playground - be it cycling, hiking or swimming. In the home, meanwhile, traditional meal patterns and home cooking remain relevant, fostering healthy habits in each generation. A real fundamental in 'The Nordic Diet' is the emphasis on interaction with those close to us for wellbeing- a lovely sentiment often neglected by traditional 'diet books'.
The book introduces the lifestyle in a practical, no-nonsense manner, with an introductory section on the philosophy and tips a-plenty. Once you're briefed, flip to the recipe section- each is beautifully illustrated by Lars Ranek and backed up with the scoop on key ingredients.
It's easy to argue that, with such stunning surrounds, there's far more motivation for Scandinavians to get out and about. But with a plethora of forests, mountains, coasts and parks to discover right here in Blighty, there really is no excuse to not get out and moving- and, pre-party season, 'The Nordic Diet' may just provide that little bit of inspiration.
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22 January 2010
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