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Book review: Risotto With Nettles

Book review: Risotto With Nettles
Risotto With Nettles
Anna Del Conte
Chatto & Windus
RRP £12.99
The complex politics of the era make Del Conte's memoirs a fascinating read- the title itself is from a bittersweet childhood wartime memory, writes Zoe Perrett
I must confess to being a latecomer to the charms of Italian cookery doyenne Anna Del Conte. In fact, this is my first encounter with her writing- and, within the first few pages, I was wondering what on earth had taken me so long.
Del Conte writes in a particularly evocative manner- her vivid prose weaves a great tapestry of a tale, here guiding us through her extraordinary life. She's humble, too- coming across as a frank and likeable character with plenty of mettle.
I picked up the book with the intention of just having a quick dip in, and found myself two-thirds of the way through, having travelled extensively through Italy, to England, and back again on the way. The complex politics and history of the era make Del Conte's memoirs an especially fascinating read- the title itself taken from a bittersweet childhood wartime memory.
More than just a memoir, each chapter closes with a few recipes which have flavoured Del Conte's life. 'Risotto With Nettles' is an engrossing read- taking you on a journey with a character you develop true affection for. It's a rare individual who won't find themselves moved by the final chapter concerning the death of author's husband. A book to savour every bit as much as Del Conte's mouthwatering recipes.
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Aminah Khan
I think the way you've been able to paint portraits from this tale which takes the reader on the journey of the author's childhood to see what she saw, feel what she felt and taste what she tasted which is what I'm sure must make it a compelling read and a culinary tale with a sprinkle of sentiments.


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21 September 2009
By: Zoe Perrett
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